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A Soil and Plant Superfood

Double Duty Worm Castings: $12.00 per gallon

1 gallon of worm castings is about 6 lbs, depending on moisture content

Ready for your best garden ever? Want thriving plants and higher yields?  We have what you need – WORM CASTINGS – nature’s soil booster and plant superfood!

Greenhill Worm Farm produces premium, all-natural worm castings that work double duty for both plants and soil.  Packed with organic material, Double Duty Worm Castings grow healthy, vigorous plants while rebuilding the life and fertility in your soil. Worm castings put beneficial microbes and good bacteria back into the ground for an abundance of nutrients plants can easily absorb. Plants have increased root numbers and greater yield, while soil develops better structure and improved water retention. Worm castings also promote more successful seed germination for a head start on the growing season.    

Our composting worms are fed a premium, organic feedstock to ensure nutrient-dense, microbe-rich castings. Our worms are raised in carefully monitored bins, and castings are laboratory tested for appropriate pH, carbon:nitrogen ratio, and other markers critical for soil and plant health. Castings are stored with optimal airflow and moisture to safeguard the beneficial microbes, fungi and good bacteria your plants need to thrive. No other product provides the unique benefits of worm castings, nature’s soil and plant super-boost. Nature has it right and now you can too, with our premium Double Duty Worm Castings.


Unsure about how much to purchase or how to use worm castings? Click here for application instructions. Price does not include shipping.


Red Wigglers: $45.00 per lb 

(1 lb = roughly 1,000 adult worms)

Excited about making your own organic plant food? Ready to try a different way of composting? Welcome to vermicomposting!

At Greenhill Worm Farm we have the worms to get you started on your composting journey, and the resources you need to be successful. Our worms of choice are Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida), nature’s elite composters and builders of healthy soil. One of the most adaptable worms to raise at home, Red Wigglers are content to spend the day eating your kitchen scraps and making worm castings, a unique soil amendment your plants will love. Our Red Wigglers are happy and healthy, and ready to begin working for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Red Wigglers should not be put directly into your garden beds as we cannot guarantee they will survive outdoors, especially in colder climates. They may also wander away from your garden in search of an alternative habitat.  They will, however, survive (and thrive) in enclosed worm bins you can easily set up yourself. Click here for additional information on composting worms, including detailed instructions on how to set up a worm bin and helpful tips on feeding and caring for your worms. 

SHIPPING NOTE: We are not currently shipping worms. Contact us to inquire about purchasing worms locally.


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Worm tea can be thought of as worm castings in liquid form.  


Worm tea is made by mixing worm castings with water, adding various foods, and then aerating the mixture for an extended time. The naturally occurring microbes in the castings populate the mixture, giving a power boost to both soil and plants. Nutrients are delivered immediately and are easily absorbed by plant roots.

Due to a short shelf life, worm tea is made to order.  Please expect a 5 to 7 business day production time. Contact us for availability and pricing.