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Risk-Free. Commitment-Free.

Are you interested in using worm casting on your farm? But unsure if worm castings are right for you? We understand, your fertility inputs are a big decision for your farm!

That's why we are offering Rutherford County farmers 5 gallons of worm castings and an initial consultation with our owner for FREE.

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What Worm Castings Can Do For Your Farm

Speed Up Seed Germination

Worm castings help seeds germinate earlier.

Reduce Transplant Shock

Increased levels of macro and micro-nutrients, plant growth hormones, and beneficial microorganisms

Boost Overall Plant Health

Stronger root development, increased leaf area, more vigorous growth, increases root strength tolerance, and increases plant yields.

Increase Beneficial Soil Life

Microbes will spread from our castings to the rest of your beds.

Boost Soil Fertiltiy

Castings contain micro and macro nutrients, plant growth hormones, humic acid, and a host of microorganisms. 

Increase Plant Yields

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What Farmers Are Saying

"Without a doubt, Greenhill Worm Farm castings are the highest quality castings I've ever used."

"During my free trial, the plants with worm castings looked like they were planted at least a month earlier than those planted without them."

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